What is BWSE FOR2030?

Bologna With Stakeholders Eyes for an Inclusive, Innovative, and Interconnected EHEA by 2030

Building on the work of the first round of the project Bologna With Stakeholders’ Eyes for a Stronger Future of the Bologna Process (BWSE FORward), the European Students’ Union remains affirmed in its goals to support the implementation of reforms in the European Higher Education Area.

An international consortium composed of European organisations working in Higher Education in Europe and National Authorities, both of which are representatives in the Bologna Follow Up Group, are willing to work together and contribute to the two-year project goals. 

The international collaboration organised three rounds of Peer Learning Activities covering all of the themes typically covered in the Bologna with Student Eyes publication, with a strong focus on mutual learning and practice exchange. Following the PLAs, and through EHEA stakeholders consultations, a range of focus groups were organised to analyse and put up findings that fed the survey. Then, based on identified needs, the Consortium created the survey, which allowed higher education institutions and public authorities to reflect on their institutional/national approach to implementing the Bologna reforms in all its areas. 

The data collected through the National Union of Students survey was  thoroughly evaluated, with external researchers cross-checking it before the final publication was prepared, Bologna With Student Eyes 2024 publication. The project’s final phase will focus on developing a set of policy recommendations in advance of the Tirana Ministerial Conference in 2024.

The Consortium led by the European Students’ Union (ESU) as a consultative member organisation of EHEA, with the cooperation of three European organisations: European Association for Quality Assurance (ENQA), European University Association (EUA) and European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) and two national authorities: Ministry of Education and Science of Croatia (MSE) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Netherlands (minOCW).