Shaping the Future: A Collaborative Journey Towards an Innovative EHEA by 2030

What it is the report about?

During the 2020 Rome Ministerial Conference, ministers for higher education set a vision of building an inclusive, innovative and interconnected European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that is able to underpin a sustainable, cohesive and peaceful Europe, by 2030. To support this process, the BWSE FOR2030 project organised three PLAs, bringing together higher education ministries, higher education institutions (HEIs), students and other bodies active in higher education from countries across the EHEA. Each of the three PLAs followed the theme of one of the three overarching goals outlined in the Rome Communiqué: an 1) inclusive, 2) innovative and 3) interconnected EHEA.

The purpose of the three PLAs was to:

  • Focus on mutual learning and exchange of practices;

  • Identify potential solutions for existing barriers to achieving the three overarching goals;

  • Gather tangible recommendations to support the development and implementation of the Bologna Process in the long term.